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Cattails Pin

A gathering of cattails designed as a graceful lapel pin.

Egret Cattails Pin-Pendant

A graceful egret standing in water with cattails and reeds. Interchangeable as a lapel pin or pendant.

Fiddler Crab Large Pin

Delightful crab playing the fiddle, a great take on the title.

Fleur De LA 2-Tone Pin-Pendant

Revealing the beauty of our state with the calla lily, egret in cattails, seashell and banana leaves, all within the contour of an iris. The graceful ribbons accentuate the natural curves of the fleur de lis and are in 14KY gold. Interchangeable as a lapel pin or pendant.

Fleur de Lis Crown Center Stick Pin

Designed with Mardi Gras in mind, a king's crown centered on a fleur de lis.

Fleur de Lis Hope Large Pin-Pendant

A tribute to Hurricane Katrina, representing hope by the heart-shaped ribbon bringing the three leaves of the fleurs de lis together. Incribed with "Hope Keeps Us Together". Interchangeable as a lapel pin or pendant.

Fleur de Lis Triple Crown Pin

Three fleurs de lis make up a king's crown, part of our Mardi Gras collection.

Fleur De Sea 2-Tone Pin-Pendant

Beautiful sea-themed fleur de lis adorned with three sea shells, wave, clown fish, lobster and a moray eel in the center of 14K rose gold.

Jester Large Stick Pin

Highly-detailed jester shaped as a fleur de lis.

King Cake Baby Stick Pin

Three-dimensional king cake baby with fleur de lis crown.

Louisiana Iris White Pearl Pin

Beautifully-detailed Louisiana state flower with cultured freshwater white pearl.

Mask Scroll Stick Pin

Intricately-carved scroll design on a Mardi Gras mask that's a hit all year long.